Many Industrial Insurance Carriers recommend stack and chimney examinations to maintain their structural integrity and service life. 

FM Global for example, in their Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets 1-13 – February 2010 on Chimneys provides its customers with the following guidelines:

Metal Chimneys or Liners

Inspect unlined metal chimneys at 2 or 3-year intervals for the first 5 or 6 years of service, and at 1 or 2-year intervals thereafter. More frequent inspections are necessary if the stack is used during the heating season only, or if inspection indicates accelerated corrosion. 

Inspections are usually combined with exterior painting as a matter of convenience. 

Our Stack Condition Assessment scope of work typically includes: 

  1. Specify and procure bids for the rigging, scaffolding or aerial lifts for the stack examinations;
  2. Perform a visual exterior and interior examinations and take ultra-sonic thickness measurements of the stack;
  3. 3D Scan the Stack for as-built documentation, vertical alignment, and plumpness;
  4. The examination is to include OSHA compliance review of access ladder and platform, examination of lightning protection system, anchor bolts, support framing, and attachments per the ASCE – Chimney and Stack Inspection Guidelines;
  5. Perform structural analysis of the stack in its current condition per ASME STS-1-2016 Steel Stack Standard;
  6. Procure and compare budgetary estimates for the repair and repainting of the stack as required;
  7. Preparation of a comprehensive report for this stack’s condition assessment. 

Please let us know if you would like to discuss your stacks’ condition assessments and if you would like a proposal for this work this year?