At Pearl Engineering, individually and collectively we are all committed to giving back to our community, charities and to medical research.

Shane Burkart (2nd from left) on the Lincoln High School Career Day engineering panel

Shane Burkart, P.E. volunteers to be on a career discovery panel on engineering at our local high school and participates in our Community Foundation’s meetings on the reuse of a vacant building for economic development.

Joe Erdmann was one of the organization leaders for a Boy Scouts of America Jamboree held in Marshfield, Wisconsin that was attended by over 2,000 scouts.

We also give back to our profession and to the industries we serve.  Examples of this are:

Robin Schmit, P.E.  who is a leader and strong proponent of the Society of Women Engineers that supports and encourages women in engineering careers

Doug Dannen and Gary Pelot, Senior Safety Consultants at Pearl, are on the Safety Committee for The Midwest Food Producers Association, where they provide assistance for the annual convention and golf outings.

We are proud that some of the incomes and revenue earned at Pearl Engineering are given back to help others and to enhance the quality of life in our community through donations, volunteering in career development and in contributing to the industries we serve.

We thank all of our customers for the opportunity to serve them which allows us to give back to the community in these ways.