Some things just run in the family.

When he was at home Zach Phillips’ father, an electrical engineering associate, spent a lot of time in his workshop. And, Zach was always in there with him watching him work. It is in that workshop that Zach found his passion for design and engineering.

Now wrapping up his final weeks of school at Fox Valley Tech in Appleton, Zach is a part of the Pearl Engineering team as a Design Intern. Zach uses modeling software to construct components, parts and other items to aid the design team and other departments.

In his half-year at Pearl, Zach has been a part of many different projects and worked alongside multiple departments and people. He says the experience has broadened his horizons, opening him up to many different projects and reinforcing his love of design.

Zach also credits his father for introducing him to Pearl president Jeff Pearl, which would eventually lead to Zach joining the team. He originally joined Pearl Engineering strictly because of his interest in design, but soon learned he could apply his time towards his degree. Win-win!

Some of Zach’s highlights include a deck load leveler and a starter for a de-barker. He has also really enjoyed getting to work and learn alongside the experienced staff at Pearl.

Zach isn’t just relegated to designing on a computer. The design and implementation process at Pearl Engineering involves designers working hand-in-hand with all other involved departments from beginning to end. Zach says this approach has given him a more thorough and comprehensive look at what it is like to work in engineering, as well as piqued his interest in other areas.

Ultimately, he hopes his time at Pearl Engineering extends well past his graduation and internship. Of course, moving closer to the Pearl Engineering offices would be top of his list of priorities. Currently, Zach’s overall to-and-from commute to the offices is about 3 hours a day. That makes for a long day, sure, but Zach says it is definitely worth it, spending the time getting caught up on podcasts and audiobooks.

Zach grew up and currently still lives in the Appleton area and attended Winneconne High School where he played soccer and played cornet for the school band. His parents still live in the area and he has an older brother.

When he isn’t working in the office or on campus, Zach plays paintball recreationally with friends as well as the occasional game of football and soccer. His friend group also regularly plays a variety of board and tabletop games.

Like a true Wisconsinite, Zach is also a big fan of the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers.

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