Originally from Venezuela, Gabriela Carrazzoni moved to the United States several years ago, holding several different engineering positions in Orlando. But it wasn’t until she found her way up north to Wisconsin that she says she found her new home at Pearl Engineering.

Gabriela is an intermediate mechanical engineer, using her background and expertise in piping engineering for stress analysis at Pearl. She studies the piping of structures to ensure they are suitable for ASME code and determine the proper action needed to solve the issue or get them up to code.

While her previous positions involved more field work, she finds herself now doing much more work in the office, coordinating and working with other departments, primarily civil engineering. A change of pace from what she is used to, but a welcome change of pace.

Having gotten her engineering degree in Venezuela, Gabriela got her start working with oil and gas. Her interest in mechanical engineering began in high school physics class, as well as her beginning fascination with F1 cars around this time.

“Engineering, and specifically stress analysis, has always interested me,” Gabriela said. “Every situation is different in its own way and it never gets boring. You always have kind of a base equation to fall back on, but the situation determines how you apply it.”

Moving from Venezuela to Orlando and then to Wisconsin, Gabriela has had to make some adjustments to the temperature, but thankfully hasn’t had to contend with too much cold or bad weather as of yet and is finding herself at home.

“Pearl has been so great to me since I’ve come here,” she said. “They have been very accommodating with me, especially with English being a second language, and I have learned so much in my few months here.”

Prior to joining Pearl, Gabriela spent 7 months in Thailand for an offshore project in a piping fabrication facility, putting her piping engineering to great use.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and also enjoys swimming and reading in her spare time. She particularly likes Dan Brown novels, as well as books about history, especially Spanish history.

She has a sister and a few aunts that live in Orlando and usually gets a visit from her parents once a year.

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