Project Management

If your plant, factory, or facility is planning major renovations, updates, or machinery installations and unsure where to start to get the project off the ground, let Pearl Engineering’s project management expertise aid your project. Pearl Engineering staff specializes in capital and plant project management.

Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineering professionals have experience with every aspect of conducting a successful structural engineering project and are available to lend that expertise to your organization in a hands-on, on-site engineering consultant.

Whether you need an experienced party to help assist in the early stages and development of the project or a consultant to ensure that the project is being completed efficiently, safely, and on budget, Pearl engineers are capable of filling project management roles.

Capital Project Management

Successful capital projects depend on the creation of a thorough plan and behind-the-scenes coordination of all parties involved to ensure that plan is kept on track. 

Pearl Engineering project management services for capital projects start with an in-depth discussion with project team members to get a thorough understanding of the project and the responsibilities and skills of those involved. Using that information, a scope of work and cost estimate plan can be created to give everyone involved in the project clear vision and understanding.

Throughout the course of the project, your Pearl Engineering project manager can be available to be on-site to monitor project progress and ensure the project plan is being properly executed, coordinating and communicating with project team members, as well as conducting budget, progress, and risk assessment reports.

Other Capital Project Management services:

  • Create Folder/File Naming Convention and Electronic Folder Structure
  • Write Engineering, Equipment, and Instrumentation Requisitions
  • Schedule Meetings with Vendors, Engineering Consultants, and Contractors as needed
  • Vendor Technical Documentation Organization
  • Prepare Documentation to the Government Offices (ex. FAA, EPA, City, State, Federal)
  • Manage and Approve Change Order Requests
  • Map and Documentation for Truckers that are bringing in the Equipment
  • Logistic of Equipment Placement for Storage until Installation Starts
  • Schedule Daily Safety Meetings During Construction
  • Organize Technical New Equipment Training

Plant Project Management

For projects that require more hands-on project management, Pearl Engineering project managers can also serve in a project lead function for your project. 

Providing technical and construction management support to approved projects, Pearl Engineering can take the lead on scheduling tasks, leading construction kickoff meetings, write bid documentation and scope of work, and reviewing project quotes to present to company owners.

Other Plant Project Management services:

  • Provide Vendors with Equipment Parameters and Request Quotes
  • Support Construction Walkthroughs
  • Issue Request for Construction Bid Documentation
  • Management of Project Folder and Critical Documentation
  • Contractor Safety Review Before and During Project Construction
  • Emergency Onsite Assistance
  • Engage Safety, Environmental, and Energy Teams as Needed

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