Engineering Services

Pearl Engineering provides civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, instrumentation, and structural engineering services and consulting for our clients in industrial, commercial, and agricultural fields. 

Our engineering services provide innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by our clients during the design, evaluation, and construction of their plant or facility as well the updating, cleaning, or replacement of crucial machinery.

Working alongside Pearl Engineering will help ensure your structure is soundly designed with safety and efficiency at the top of mind. Doing so will keep your employees safe and your facility operations running smoothly and meeting the necessary Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and requirements, avoiding costly penalties that can result in fines or costly facility shutdowns.

Civil/Structural Engineering

No matter if your structure is standard or complex in design, structural engineering services and consultation can help create an efficient and effective facility designed to be capable of meeting your unique needs. Pearl Engineering’s civil and structural engineers have the experience and expertise to ensure every “i” is dotted and “t” crossed. Condition assessments of existing structures can also provide detailed evaluations and yield important considerations leading up to any facility moderation projects.

  • Structural Design of New Structures
  • Structural Design Modifications to Existing Structures
  • Condition Assessment of Structures
  • Stack, Chimney, and Ductwork Evaluation
factory boiler system

Electrical Engineering

Without a proper internal power distribution network to supply energy to its necessary equipment and machinery, a facility simply cannot operate at the level of demand it needs to. Pearl Engineering’s electrical engineers can assist your facility in the creation of a power distribution system that effectively and safely supplies your equipment and machinery. 

  • Power Distribution
  • Control Systems
  • Hardware & Panel Design
  • Construction Packages

Industrial Engineering

Ineffective and inefficient design can hold back a facility from meeting its maximum potential. Pearl Engineering’s industrial engineers can collaborate with facility managers to evaluate your facility and create a plan to redesign your facility layout to improve workflow and maximize facility and workforce efficiency, productivity, and output. 

  • Space Analysis and Planning
  • Ergonomic Design

Mechanical Engineering

Multiple industrial conveyor belts are used at a processing site.

Equipment and machinery such as heating systems, ventilation systems, lifts, power generators, and conveyor belts are commonplace in many industrial, commercial, and agricultural facilities. The operation of these devices and equipment are crucial to the success and operation of such facilities. Pearl Engineering’s mechanical engineers can assist in the design and safe implementation of crucial mechanical systems. 

  • Piping and Pumping Systems Design
  • Energy Conservation Analysis and Design
  • HVAC Evaluation and Design
  • Process System Assessment and Design
  • Condition Assessment of Equipment
  • Machinery Troubleshooting and Modification
  • Auto Pipe
  • Piping Flow & Thermodynamic Analysis

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