On-Site Construction Safety

The safety of contractors and their workers – as well as the penalties, fines, and injuries that can occur when precautions aren’t taken – fall squarely on your shoulders. Can your organization afford not to put safety first with the help of a Safety Oversight officer like Scott Burkart?

Who Needs Safety Oversight?

Any manufacturing, production, or distribution facility planning updates or replacement of major machinery or equipment needs the services of an on-site construction safety officer. 

Projects like these require significant production stoppages and often the incorporation of multiple contractors working on different aspects of the project or working around the clock. 

The urgency of an expedited project and the congested nature of such a project opens up far too many possibilities for safety precautions to fall through the cracks. 

A third-party on-site construction safety officer like Pearl Engineering’s Scott Burkart advocates for worker safety first, ensure the proper precautions are being taken. As a third-party advocate, Scott can focus solely on the safety of workers and ensure safety regulations are being met.

Many organizations require at least a 1:50 ratio of safety practitioners to employees during high risk activities.

What Does Scott Do?

Scott’s role as an on-site construction safety officer covers multiple roles and responsibilities surrounding coordinating between the various contractor groups, forecasting project tasks, and providing additional onsite training when needed. 

Here are some examples of the various tasks Scott performs while acting in his on-site construction safety capacities: 

  • Educate and implement organization and OSHA Safety procedures to outside contractors 
  • Act as liaison between the organization safety manager, contractor safety manager, and project lead 
  • Review and advise contractor’s safe work plans for construction onsite 
  • Make routine safety examinations of contractors’ projects onsite 
  • Document any construction accidents and reportable injuries 
  • Assist the host plant safety team in issuing hot work, LOTO, confined space entry, critical lift plans or other safe work permits 
  • Reviewing of site for work such as fire hazards, isolation of work zones, and fall protection etc. 
  • Perform accident investigation and revision of procedures, as directed and needed.

The Results

With the assistance of Scott and Pearl Engineering’s on-site construction safety services, the organizations we have worked with have been able to successfully coordinate their critical replacement and installation projects while maintaining the safety and security of contractors and workers involved – while staying within restrictions.

“Scott was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. He demonstrated a genuine care for the well-being of all workers on-site. I would recommend Scott and independent safety oversight to others going through large projects. Safety is the most important thing we do and adding this additional layer of protection is well worth the investment.” – Jack Johnson Louisiana Pacific, Plant Manager

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About Scott Burkart

Scott Burkart is a Senior Safety Consultant for Pearl Engineering Corporation with more than 30 years’ experience as a professional firefighter. Mr. Burkart was the Deputy Fire Chief for Eau Claire, WI prior to his retirement and joining Pearl Engineering as a Senior Safety Consultant. Scott also has over 25 years’ experience as an instructor in safety and fire safety.