Craig Brecheisen is a Mechanical Engineer at Pearl Engineering and brings with him 10 years of project leadership and fluid systems experience from his time as the lead of an in-ground irrigation company.  His affable personality and passion for good design and Client satisfaction make him a valuable member of the team. 

As an avid woodworker, Mr. Brecheisen understands the importance of shop safety and the necessity of a well-designed dust collection system.  He also appreciates the value of a carefully considered equipment layout and its critical importance to the functionality, ergonomics, and efficiency of everything from a small workshop to a large industrial space.  Woodworking has honed Mr. Brecheisen’s ability to adapt to the requirements of the project and think critically to solve complex problems.

While pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree, Mr. Brecheisen developed a penchant for programming and automation.  He enjoys coding and likes that it offers him the opportunity to apply his organizational and troubleshooting skills.

Mr. Brecheisen is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.